Romeo and Juliet (MadaraxHashirama) Ch2

Romeo and Juliet (MadaraxHashirama)

Chapter 2


The sky blue water cascaded easily, glimmering with gems of droplets reflecting under the sun. It flowed even when the sturdy rocky banks snaked into sharp curves and sometimes it divided the river into different paths, separating the whole body of water into two streams.  The waves kept gurgling and rolling, and with it, crashed the rocks with its power. It nourished the grass and the trees nearby with its supplement, and water creatures that crawl onto the walls of its banks. This place became a sanctuary for the two lovers who met there for the first time beside the river. They make up a quick excuse and hush themselves out of their villages, and with an unspoken agreement, they met each other two hours past noon.

For both men, it was more than to find space for their love towards each other, but also a space where they could share their visions of the future. They hoped that the senseless war would end, and that the clans made peace with each other for once and for all, maybe even forming an alliance. Their dreams weren’t just hopes whist into thin air, they were determined to achieve their ambition, and at the same time fulfil their role as dutiful sons. They trained arduously, often sparred to match their skills and honing them against one another. Madara launched his fists into a series of punches which Hashirama dodged with ease. The Senju did not attack at once, but observed for an opportunity for his opponent to create an opening. The Uchiha had a strong defence and attack forcing Hashirama to block and step back. He stepped on a twig and slipped, falling down on his back side. Madara prepared to give him the final blow, confident that he was going to defeat him, but to his dismay, Hashirama brushed off some earth into his opponents face. The black haired men instinctively closed his eyes, taken aback but the unsuspected attack and left himself open for the Senju to sweep his feet onto the other male’s legs. Madara fell down, and Hashirama quickly took the advantage and scramble back onto his feet. He pulled out a kunai from his back pocket and pointed at the Uchiha’s throat.

‘I win this round’ the man’s lips curled into a cocky smirk

‘That was underhanded’ Madara protested indignantly as he propped himself up by resting on his elbows

‘There is no such thing in war’ Hashirma replied and lowered his kunai, placing it back in his pocket and stretched his hand to help the other to get up.

Madara shot him a glare and took his hand but instead of getting up, he pulled Hashirama with him, making him topple over him

‘Now who’s being underhanded?’ the Senju lifted his head flinching him with a deviant look

‘That was in need for my revenge’ Madara replied with a smirk

The two continued practicing until their clothes were soaked with their sweat and their limbs felt heavy as lead. During the sparing Hashirama lifted his palm, signalling the Uchiha to stop.

‘I suggest we take a break’

‘I’m not tired’ Madara protested

‘Really? Your attacks were getting very slow, I was holding back most of the time’

There was a slight satisfaction in watching the black haired man changing his expression from a clear sky to a cloudy storm. His eyes widened in between shocked and offended look, his lips parted showing slightly his teeth into a low snarl, and his uncouth hair standing out naturally, extending his wild appearance. It must be the most endearing trait that Hashirama finds in him, the brown haired man couldn’t help but smirk.

‘I said I am not tired!!’ he growled softly and clenched his hands into balls of fists

‘Well then you can just stand there’ Hashirama casually walked a few steps until he found a bare stone. He sat down on it and pulled out a bamboo container gulping some water. He watched him, amusedly as the Uchiha crossed his arms, flashing a flaring look in his direction.

‘What are you doing there?’

‘I am waiting for you to continue’

In a very nonchalant way the Senju offered him his drinking container by pointing it towards him. Grumbling Madara stepped closer and snatched it from the other male’s hand. The black haired man gobbled it down and dried his lips with the back of his sleeve. He climbed up the stone next to him. Since they were a little elevated so there was a pleasant breeze, combed through their hair and cooled their sweating bodies. Hashirama’s chin lifted and his profile gazed at a distance, he seemed to be pondering about something.

‘What’s so mesmerizing over there?’ Madara spoke half mockingly as he curiously eyed the other male

‘Actually I was  thinking about our clans, what if we can make them allied with each other and build a new village, we could then structure new systems which will help young shinobi to train and improve their abilities, but won’t force them to go on a battlefield’

‘Did you hit your head when I pulled you, by any chance?’ Madara grinned showing his teeth and cocked his head to the side.

‘…’ Hashirama hung his head low, with a depressing aura hanging around him

‘DON’T GET DEPRESSED OVER NOTHING!’ Madara gritted his teeth at his reaction, and a vein popped on his forehead.

‘But you really enjoy crushing my hopes like that’ Hashirama responded gloomily

‘I didn’t say that it’s a bad idea!!’ Madara blurted out defensively

Tears formed at the corner of his eyes, but quickly Uchiha realized that it wasn’t because of an emotional response, but rather trying to hold his laughter. It was so easy for the Senju to wrap him around his finger, that he enjoyed it way too much.


The candlelight flickered into the dimness of the chamber. They rested on the table that was laid out across the tatami mat. A green feathered branch peeked from the slight opened shoji doors, and the light filtered through its thin rice paper. Two men were sitting across the table, both seated comfortably on a cushion. The older man whose back was facing against the wall was kneeled with his elbows kept close to his body in a relaxed manner and his hands rested on his thighs. He was facing his youngest son Izuna, the man placed his hands on the tatami and bowed. He then, straightened up

‘Are you sure about what you said?’ the older man spoke in a firm but tainted with a bitter tone. Izuna nodded solemnly.

‘Take him in’ Izuna’s father lifted his head and spoke in a louder tone, in order for his voice to reach on the other side of the door. The man was none other than Tajima Uchiha, the current leader of the Uchiha clan.

The sliding doors opened from within the house, and revealed two men holding a prisoner between them. They let him go as he soundlessly fell on his knees. He was bound by tight ropes around his arms as well as his wrists which were kept behind his back. His thighs were also bound and connected to his ankles making it difficult for him to move freely. His black mussy hair was more dishelved then it’s natural state, and behind his wild eyes, laid a familiar face as he looked up to see his capture.

‘It pains me dearly to put you through this’ he muttered gravely as he pitifully watched his prodigious son being humiliated. ‘Unfortunately being stubborn won’t get you anywhere, heed my words son, you ought to tell me everything you know about the Senju-clan’ he crossed his arms and waited patiently

Madara’s restrains were biting into his skin, and no matter how he tries to move his fingers, they became numb and he couldn’t feel them at all. He found a little difficulty to speak because his body was weakening and dehydrated from being restrained like that for three days, and his lips were pale and chapped. He found a little strength enough to voice his answer ‘I don’t know anything’

There was an evident frustrated frown from the men around him, since yet again, Madara kept valiantly from betraying his lover. Tajima could no longer hold his patience and found his son’s behaviour to be unacceptable. In a surged anger he stood on his feet and toppled the table over when he slapped his son across his face.

‘This is ridiculous! You are suffering through this torture to protect your own enemy!’ Tajima cracked his voice, could barely hold the anger. Izuma quickly jumped on his feet and seized onto his father arm, afraid that he would injure his older brother.

‘Is it more ridiculous that you would stoop so low to get to your enemy?’ Madara’s voice was blatantly cold and calm.

Tajima grabbed onto Madara’s yukata and lifted him, his blazing eyes met with his father’s eyes and his nostrils flared. ‘You ignorant child! You can’t even imagine the position you are putting me through because of your stupid impudence!’ he threw him across the floor. Madara helplessly fell on his back and heaved, he slid on his side trying to soothe his ache, but he ended up curling his body and coughing because his lungs took the impact without any shield.

Tajima approached him looking down at him ‘how can you disgrace our family like this?!’ Izuna scurried alongside his father to act as an arbiter between the two men.  ‘Perhaps he has a reason why he is doing this?’ Izuna spoke, anxious to his brother’s wellbeing. Madara felt disgusted that his little brother betrayed him and then acting as his protector. The older man grabbed onto the older son’s arm and pulled him up in a sitting position. I love him – his mind repeatedly battered his mind in response, but he couldn’t say it out loud, that cheesy line would only make things more complicated right now.

‘He and I...had made a promise, that will help our fellow clans and stop the futile deaths and destructions that we are bringing to ourselves. If I betrayed him now I would only be scum that will bring more hatred and pain’ his words were true, but they fell to deaf ears because Tajima could not bear on his shoulders the same perspective that his older son did. He had pride and he needed to maintain the favour and order of his people, to him this preposition will only bring chaos. The older man snorted ‘Fine keep your tell-tale to yourself but understand this, you will never see him again, and I will make sure of it’ Tajima walked past his two sons and headed out of the room while Madara hung his head but he stood motionless.


The sky was the same, bleached blue with a lonely wandering cloud floated by. The leaves fluttered and scattered as they delicately descended on the ground and in the surface while the water rushed into rivulets down the stream. The ground smelled of damp fresh earth, sticking easily to his fingers and the sturdy bark of the tree provided as a good support for his back to rest. Nothing has changed since then, Hashirama thought about this as he rested patiently waiting as the time passed by, and diverge into another day, and another but Madara never came.


The ground was bare of any life, a wide desert that reached beyond one’s sight. Grey and choking fumes rose above the ground and flashes of battle appeared now and then in the distance. Flags with the varja symbol on a white background, wavered in this wasteland, and a few men with heavy red clad armour regrouped to revaluate the progress of the war. They were in the no man’s land, but they were progressing quite rapidly, their enemies and been pushed to the extremities of the wasteland, and reduced to a few hundred, while their army retained a few platoons despite the large amount of casualties. The leader of the clan was standing, his shoulders drooped and the crane of his neck was slightly crooked, and his head titled forward. He was looking at the map that he drew by driving a twig in the ground and produced linear grooves. His familiar chocolate brown hair was unbound and grown longer, reach to the end of his back. His facial features were more full and structured, there was a subtle maturity in his expression; bearing wisdom and kindness.

‘They will have no other choice but to give in’ Tobirama stood next to his older brother, his shoulders jutted back and his chest protruding forward giving him an appeal that made him look taller then he actually is, his arms crossed and his chin slightly raised as he gazed watchfully a the his people with his red blood eyes.

‘The strongest force is right in front of us, it’s a sign on their part that they are not going to give up any time soon’ Hashirama spoke gravely.

‘Then we ought to advance and crush our enemy once and for all’ Tobirama stated firmly

‘Let’s go there’ Hashirama neither agreed not disagreed with the younger Senju. He just marched on until black figures appeared in the distance not long away from where they were. As the leader of the Senju clan expected, Madara was there crossing his arms, appeared to be waiting.

In an unspoken agreement, Hashirama sped to lounge an attack with his sword, which was quickly deflected by the Uchiha’s sickle, but it wasn’t enough to make his opponent waver. The Uchiha waved his large war fan, sending a strong vale of wind towards Hashirama Senju. He flew back and made hand signs using his kekka genkai and shields himself from Madara’s fireball technique that he sent in his way. Luckily the wood was thick and sturdy enough to withhold the soaring high temperature until it faded away.

Hashirama pulled out the large scroll behind his back and rolled it over the ground, making further sign seals he palmed his hand over the seals and produced a special kind of wood technique which would seal the Uchiha. Madara jumped high and threw shuriken, but their sharp edges were barely adequate to scrap the stout bark. One of the wood hands grabbed hold of his arm and leg but he quickly charred it off with his sickle and continued doing so, trying to gain ground. When he was close enough he produced hand signs and took a deep breathe, producing a flaming attack against his opponent. The Senju quickly stopped his technique and flew high on a hill, watching Madara roaring fire more powerful and enduring than he expected.

The Uchiha’s sharingan was activated and he was able to locate him within the perimeter, he launched a fire tag, which quickly Hashirama avoided circled around the Uchiha. He used earth technique to create a powerful earthquake, Madara turned into the direction of the source but there was no one there. Hashirama used it as a decoy so that Madara would be open for a next attack, and he succeeded, slashing his sword in his direction. Madara barely managed to parry and fell onto the ground. There was a moment of silence, only the occasional breeze whooshed by. The two stood still, as though time froze, recalling a time when their battle ended in a similar way, back when they were training next to the river.

‘Just end it’ Madara lowered his head, resigning to his fate

‘I don’t want to kill you’ Hashirama’s voice strained, trying to control his conflicting emotions

‘There will never be an end of this, my brother died, killed by your clan’ he slowly lifted his head and gazed at him with intense black eyes of his

‘It grieves me to watch it turn this way’ the Senju spoke with a grave voice ‘How we could make up for such losses? It would pain me too, if I lost my own brother’

‘The only way you can make up for it, is kill your brother or yourself’ Madara spoke bitterly

 ‘This is nonsense! Just finish him already’ Tobirama interjected with an urgent voice

Hashirama did not reply, but rather he pondered about Madara’s choice. He didn’t have the strength to take his brother’s life, he mustered that he was left with one choice. The older Senju lifted a kunai pointing it at himself, ready to take the Uchiha’s ultimatum. Tobirama watched in horror and disbelief. Hashirama was about to strike the kunai to his heart when he was stopped by someone’s grip. To his surprise, he found that he was stopped by none other than Madara himself. He watched him puzzled and confused. It was then, that he realized that Madara was testing him, however Hashirama’s feelings never changed, he would rather sacrifice himself rather than causing pain to others. For Madara this was proof enough, and his love for him had never ceased, even if they were forced to battle to the death.


Two shadows appeared like statuettes as they were sitting down on top of a high ground. Madara and Hashirama were on the highest cliff mountain that overlooking the newly built village named Konoha; the village of the leaf. They finally fulfilled their dreams, and have the liberty to be together without any strife or obligations towards their clan to pull them apart. Hashirama smiled and appeared very content resting his elbow over his knee, and watched the busy village bellow, its people mingled between the two clans as they together carrying wood and building new houses. Madara watched him, fascinated by his radiance, and the man that he has become. The Senju was most likely be the one who will be elected as Hokage and Madara didn’t mind, as long as he will be alongside him and be his right hand man. He vowed to himself that he will protect and support him at all costs.

‘Look Hashirama, this is our future’ after a long silence Madara spoke, waving his hands towards Konoha

Hashirama turned his head and looked back at the Uchiha ‘I too am seeing my future’


Romeo and Juliet (MadaraxHashirama) Ch1

Romeo and Juliet (MadaraxHashirama)
Chapter 1


What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.


Every year the Senju clan make a special festival for the New Year. They bear in their hearts that the gods will grant them a better year than the previous one, with less suffering of the constant war with other clans, bringing more death and pain and turmoil within their village. In the grand hall, the floor covered with spacious tatami mats and low oak table were set in row banquettes, for the guests. Butsuma Senju sat down crossed legged across the banquettes, sitting down in the middle looking regal but relaxed with his hands on his thighs, and his elbow propped high. The guests clanked their cups with sake and filled their stomachs with the delicious food. Some entertainers walked in the middle wearing masks of ogres and demons with grotesque features of crooked noses and horns on their forehead. They waved their fans and danced, making the guests laugh when one stretched his leg out to make the other fall flat on his face. The hall was filled with cheer and cracking laughter, buzzing of people talking and a lively atmosphere brightened the air like the lanterns did in the dark, while hanging from the sledge of the roofs. A particular figure, however, didn’t seem to be interested in joining the bustling night, but rather kept to himself. The man sat by himself in the dark; his torso peaked behind the collar of his white kimono and his long brown hair flowed down over his shoulders, but his handsome features was damped with a gloomy expression. The celebration was an excellent idea when the elders had made council and proposed to his father about it, to lighten the morale of their people, and to give them refreshed and brighter expectations for the year to come, however it did not ail his heavy heart. No matter what they do, there will be another war, another endless stretched period of deserted battlefield, leaving just the bodies scattered with open wounds to be fed by crows. He shivered outwardly as he though this, his bamboo strapped sandals strode further away from the household, the noises gradually faded as he disappeared into the woods.

In the forest, two men entangled to get through the wilderness. One who was walking in a quick pace and followed by a younger man trying to catch up with him.

‘I think we shouldn’t be wandering around here all alone in the forest, it is too dangerous’

The man groaned and ignored him as he continued to walk ‘It’s still very early, I’m sure we can enjoy ourselves a little’

‘Do you realize that we are approaching our enemy’s territory?’ he muttered in hope that the other male would listen to reason.

‘Even if we mingled amongst them, they wouldn’t pay mind to us. They are too busy celebrating and getting drunk. As long as we avoid stumbling with patrollers we should be fine’

 The second man remained silent and just followed, he knew that his older brother had plans to crash the party until the dawn, he took thrill from the prospect. It was very daring to do, if they were caught, they knew that death will surely to follow, but it didn’t stop him from going for the catch. However there were forces beyond humans that threatened the safety of the two. The man turned around to mock his younger brother’s overly cautious nature, only not to find him there. He was puzzled looking around, but the other male was nowhere in sight. The man decided to trace back his steps, and walked from the same path that they had come.

He pushed aside branches shrubs that blocked his pathway, when he caught a fleeting image of a person sitting on the bank of a river. Long bangs waved as the figure crouched in a squatting position, hugging the knees. He couldn’t tell at once, if it was a man or a woman.

‘Are you lost?’ The man asked, cocking his head to the side

The figure turned his head, a look of surprise flashed into sorrowful eyes. He shook his head

‘No I was just sitting alone thinking, somehow watching the flow of the river makes me feel like it can wash these uneasy feelings with it. ’

‘I do that too sometimes’ he admitted scratching the back of his head

The brown haired man smiled warmly, and his spirits seemed to have lifted a little. He took a little confidence and sat by his side.

‘I am Madara’ he blurted out, since he was aware that they haven’t introduced themselves yet,

‘My name is Hashirama, it’s a pleasure to meet you’ the other male responded

As an unspoken rule, they could not reveal their surnames, because doing so would set their clans in dangers.

‘I assume that there’s something troubling you?’ Madara asked

‘Yes, it’s because of the constant war’ Hashirama responded curtly, Madara nodded knowingly

‘I understand, I lost many relatives because of it, including four of my siblings, I only have one younger brother left’

‘I recently lost a brother as well, he died at the young age of seven, he will never grow up to enjoy the pleasures of adult lives; such as  the risky ventures of drinking or the touch of a lover’s soft kiss’

‘Then we shall, indulge the drinking for his sake’ Madara leaned forward and touched his face ‘and consume the pleasure of a tender kiss’
The two men leaned towards each other until their noses almost touched. Hesitantly they pressed their lips with each other, with a trembling hand, Hashirama stretched his arm to reach on to Madara’s shoulder.

They both gained a little confidence, Madara ardently pushed forward as he kissed him, as though he wanted to indulge him whole. Hashirama ran his hand through the other male’s black thick hair, responding fervently with his own lips. It was crazy ecstatic moment that both lost themselves into. It was only when Hashirama pulled back, that the spell seemed to break, and both men realized what just happened.

The brown haired man might have considered himself abhorred that a total stranger had kissed him, but he felt content and warm. There was something indescribably linked with each other, which he could not name. It was an intimate communication between two people. Madara didn’t regret that he unexpectedly stumbled cross this place, especially because he found this man; someone who could understand his pain and troubles.

  Out of the bushes, Madara’s younger brother appeared, his eyes were wild, his cheeks red and panting out of breathe.

‘Madara we need to go…NOW!’ he said with a tone of urgency as he grabbed hold of his wrist and pulled him. Madara reluctantly sat up as he was being forcefully pushed

‘Izuna, I can’t just leave like that without even saying goodbye’ he protested, he stumbled his steps trying to follow his brother’s steps, feeling lost and disoriented

‘No time to explain now, I will tell you later’ Izuna carried on until it they were safety out of the territory of the Senju-clan.

‘What’s with you all of a sudden?  First you disappeared without warning and then you just appeared out of the blue, looking like someone was running after you’

Izuna rested his palms over his thighs, catching his breath, then he shot a stern look at his brother ‘I was chased by some shinobi of the Senju clan’ he explained

‘Still, doesn’t seem right that you made me leave so abruptly while I was in the company of another person’ Madara replied indignantly as he placed his hands on his hips

‘That man is no other then Hashirama Senju’ Izuna’s words flashed  and dazed him, he felt as though he had been hit in the back of his head and came to his senses. His lips gaped in awe, mesmerized, he watched his younger brother unblinking

‘Are you absolutely sure of that?’ he rasped trying to control his voice

‘Yes, he is Bustuma’s Senju’s son, the leader of our mortal enemies, what were you doing with him anyway? Did you reveal your surname to them?’ Izuna frowned and crossed his arms, knowing his older brother was looking for trouble, but this time he had gone too far.

‘No, neither of us knew of each other’s identity’ the black haired man looked confused and shocked, the worst of his transgression was that he had kissed the very enemy he should hate.

‘Well then we should be safe’ Izuna replied, sounding relieved.

No matter how much he tried to think of him that way, his feelings towards him didn’t change. He placed a hand over his chest, with a flaming sensation that threatened to burn him whole.


Hashirama wondered what had happened that made his friend drag him so anxiously. The brown haired man was about to head his way back to his house when he saw a familiar looking group, standing upfront was a pale skinned man with hair that were silver as the light of the moon.

‘What’s wrong?’ Hashirama asked as he approached his younger brother

‘There were Uchiha dogs roaming around the area’ he replied in a disgusted look. The older Senju blinked surprised in hearing of this news

‘Have you been long out here brother? It’s not safe’ the silver haired man continued

‘Tobirama, I have been here for quite some time, if there was any danger, I would have noticed right away, did anyone see how these trespassers looked like?’

‘It is very dark to see them well, but Toka had reported to me that she spotted two men that didn’t belong here, from what she could observe is that they had wild black hair and wearing dark blue kimono’’

It took him a moment before the realization dawned upon him like rolling stones. The man that he had talked to earlier, might have been one of the Uchihas. He started to feel sick with dread and his muscle tensed. The fact that his premonition feels more real then he actually wanted to be, the older Uchiha turned his step and continued walking without a word.

‘Where are you going?’ Tobirama turned his head as he watched him walk away, puzzled at his strange and sudden behaviour.

Hashirama paid no mind and just walked, he felt torn upon knowing this terrible truth that destroyed the delicate heart-warming feeling between the two of them. The grotesque irony, that he had kissed the very man whose clan had killed so many of his relatives and people. He wanted to picture them as, cruel ill-faced people who would stoop to nothing to get what they want, but he knew this was a lie. From the little time that they spend together, and despite his coarse demeanor he knew that the Uchiha was kind and caring . It pained him so much to think that he is an enemy whom he should despise.

Despite the incident with the trespassers, the celebration went on well deep within the night, until everyone was stuffed and drunk, passed out as they lay on the floor, some on the stairs and others in the garden. Hashirama tried sleep and retreated to his room early, but sleep could not withhold. He wanted to see him so badly, he wanted to confirm whether, what he had just discovered was true or not. In the early morning he put on a coat over his yukata, and wondered aimlessly at the vast Japanese garden, cultivated in the courtyard of their household. He spotted someone in the shadows, alarmed the Senju walked closer to verify what he saw. Madara appeared in sight from behind a tree. Hashirama felt happy that he was there, but at the same time he was wrecked with uneasiness

‘What are you doing here? You could be in trouble if they find you’

‘So it’s true, you are my mortal enemy from the Senju-clan ’ Madara spoke sourly

‘”You are right, as well I know that you are from the Uchiha-clan’ Hashirama confirmed sadly

Madara bitterly sucked on his lower lip ‘I enjoyed your company, however short it was. I came here just to confirm my discovery, but I bitterly have to announce that we cannot see each other anymore’

‘It doesn’t change anything, even if we pretend that it never happened, Madara, I finally thought I could find someone I could talk to, someone who would understands and doesn’t think that I’m a fool’

‘That meeting of ours will only bring more pain to the ones we loved’

‘Still I cannot just let you go like that, surely there must be some way where we can still be together, we can do so by being discreet’ no matter how much he hated to admit it, Hashirama knew that he was right, but he still refused to destroy the bud of their relationship

The Uchiha stood silent for a moment, looking down at the ground then lifted his eyes and looked at him. He didn’t want to let him go, even if that means to go against his own reasoning. Before he could react, Hashirama stepped forward, grabbing onto his yukata and kissed him. Madara was stumped but he felt melting into his lover’s kiss, he wrapped his arms around the Senju. In the darkness of that night, the two consummated their love.


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Pairing: Hashirama/Madara
Fandom: Naruto
Theme: Romance/angst
Count: 596
Summery: The decision that Madara made when he left the village was considered as act of betrayal, despite that he appears  might seem like a traitor to Konoha, little do they know what was his real relationship with the first Hokage.


Madara found himself trapped in between Hokage's body and the desk. The wood-user brushed the Uchiha's bruised lip with his thumb and clenched the rest of his fingers under his chim, holding firmly in a way that he could not pull back. Despite his immobility, Madara gazed intently at him, his eyes were like black holes, so mysterious and intense that often Hashirama wondered if he would be engulfed into them if he stared for too long.The Uchiha's eyebrows furrowed and wore a stern and defiant look upon his face, even though he had a split on the side of his lips and his left cheek was red which will soon became cogulated blood and turn purple. 'You should know better' Hashirama said in a low and firm voice as he leaned forward so close that their noses were almost touching 'tsk you know I should be able to do it without a problem!' the Uchiha spatted annoyed 'they were getting on my nerves, I cannot just let them be after they trample over my honour!' he roared, but trying to keep his voice in a level, trying to control his anger, 'you know that you shouldn't give in so easily into other people's provocations'as if to reaffirm his own statemenet the Senju pressed slightly on the angry circle that marked his cheek, Madara winced to the stingy pain and instinctively closed his left eye but he snarled, showing his perfect white molars grinding with each other. 'Going wild like that won't help you' Hashirama spoke in an assertive voice, he had his way with words and the way he spoke which was one of the things made him a good leader, he had the smarts and charms and he knew how to use them. 'domineering bastard' Madara muttered angrily under his breathe, reminding to himself how much he hated that smirk and his high-horse attitude, it irritated him to no end. He was going to throw another curse in his way when the Hokage planted a kiss on Madara's lips, and quickly that annoyance he felt towards Hashirama melted away like a a burned out flame to wax.

Madara knew that the feeling he built over the years were a storm of emotions that mingled together into a chaotic flare; hate, jealousy, bitterness, resentment, admiration, irritation and love.


It all started when the two clans clashed together in an endless war and conflict.  These clans were rival for many decades and either side were growing increasingly tired of fighting, even though at first their reasons were bound by expanding their resources, power and land but they fought for so long that they eventually forgot all the reasons why they were fighting in the first place, and the only thing that was left was resided to hate. Hashirama Senju was a fair leader and a good shinobi of the Senju clan, equally rivaled by his counterpart, Marada Uchiha. The last battlefield had ended over four years, both restlessly exasperating their manpower to match equally with their rivals. Both the Senju and the Uchiha had incredible chakra as well as talented shinobi, unique only to their clans, the elder council of the Senju clan started to voice their anxiety about the wastefulness of this war, with no meaning and no end. The old men repeatedly advised Hashirama on this matter during the clan's meetings and he knew he had to take action. The wood-user knew it was going to be long and difficult task, even if it just meant to be face to face with his old time rival, Madara. One night he sat down in his room, he crossed his legs and pulled out an empty scroll, with a feather pen he inked a message to the Uchiha leader, inviting him to meet him alone on the day after tomorrow at the hour of the hare. The flare of the candle flickered as he wrote down the Hiragana letters neatly in vertical manner, hoping that his letter won't fall on deaf ears.

The meeting that Hashirama chose for their meeting place was the valley of Ikagawa, later it was more popularly known as the valley of the end.

The following days Madara received the letter by a ninja from the Senju clan who acted as a messenger on behalf of his leader. Madara read carefully the letter and decided to accept the invitation, despite that his most trusted subordinates advised him otherwise. He sat down on the doorway of the slide door looking out at the courtyard and thought how long it had been since the two met up together except during the battle. He remembered as children they played together when they weren't training or on missions, even then they challenged each other with child's play, their relationship had always been a rival one from the start. Madara snickered to himself at the thought and even felt slightly nostalgic, though he was interrupted when one of his men

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Universe: Naruto shippuden
Theme: Drama/angst
Pairings: none major, just a little bit of Kiba/Oc
Warnings: Manga spoilers
Word count: 2,532 (four pages)
link: http://freakyfeline.livejournal.com/6647.html


Chapter 2

There were so many things she wanted to ask that she didn't know from where to start. 'Hold on, am I not a prisoner?'  The older woman sighed 'indeed you are but we know you are not a threat to Konoha, and you are an Uchiha so technically speaking you...' 'I am no longer part of this village and I serve someone else' Kaname blurted out. 'I know that, and that is the reason why you are going to have a guardian watching you twenty-four hour' 'how that differ from before?' Kaname questioned, crossing her arms 'you are no longer restricted to stay in your apartment, you can freely move to anywhere you like however you won't be left unsupervised, is everything clear?'  'yes Ma'am' she sullenly answered. Lady Tsunade then turned to the older man 'as for you Kakashi I will leave Team seven in the hands of Captain Yamato' the white haired ninja simply nodded in agreement.


'I did not agree to this!' she flung her arms in an annoyed manner and placed them on her hips. 'What is Lady Hokage thinking?!' ' I agree with you' Kakashi nodded 'what?!' she gave him a confused look ' but this is her orders so let's just continue' he spoke in nonchalantly manner. He  lifted his kunai and positioned himself in a stance, ready to receive her attack, she placed her hand behind her back, looking for her back pocket. She threw a shuriken in his direction but Kakashi quickly dodged it. She quickly formed hand signs 'Katon: firespit attack!'  she took a deep breathe and fired a number of small fire ball  which rapidly headed towards the enemy, Kakashi dodged them easily by hopping from one foot and another avoiding the hit, though one had passed by his arm, leaving a burning cut, he held the wound luckily it wasn't deep. Kakashi used his kunai to attack her but she blocked with her own and swung a lower sweep, but he jumped a few meters away and launched another attack which was counterattacked by her kunai making a loud clang, she pushed his arm out of the way leaving an opening, whom she took the opportunity to swing an uppercut with her hand. 'ugh' Kakashi's body gnarled and led her to believe he got a direct hit but soon after that, he went poof and turned into a log. 'shit' she muttered to herself.

Instinctively she crouched down with one hand resting on the ground, she kept alert of her surroundings but he was no where to be found. She lowered her ear close to the earth and she felt it was vibrating, she turned around and saw Kakashi producing an amount of  lightening chakra in one hand, which chirped and crackled. She managed to dodge it in time but due to its incredible power she was pushed by its gush, leaving a trail by her feet on the soft earth. She crossed her arms to cover herself and when the dust burst out she saw Kakashi emerging from the light fog to attack her again. She was prepared and blocked his attack but she had no other choice but to fall back. 'I have no choice' she muttered she used a smoke bomb and as the the thickness increased, she used it as a smokescreen in order for her to escape. Since the environment win which the two were fighting was an open air, she tried to find refuge among the trees and looked for a good hiding spot. She hid behind a mass of bush and proceeded to move carefully. Kakashi was caught off guard for a moment but he started walking in the direction of the forest. He knew she was going to try to trap him, so he was on guard.

'Kuchiyose no Jutsu!'  He saw a sudden flash which drew his attention and suddenly a very large racoon dog appeared gnarling at him, while the owner still kept herself well hidden. Kakashi looked impressed 'so you know how to summon too'  the Tanuki jumped on its hind legs to attack him but when Kakashi tried to counter, the animal wasn't there, but appeared from behind, he avoided the attack and noticed the immense agility that the animal had. The animal attacked him again when he realized where she was, he threw a kunai. He counter attacked the Tanuki and took a direct hit. 'As I thought, she's controlling him' the he thought as the Tanuki went 'poof'  Kakashi straightened up 'alright that is enough for today' he said. She emerged out of the bushes 'that's all?' she sounded disappointed 'Yes it is, you've done a good job why don't you let me treat you to ramen?' he said friendly, but she gave him a dirty look 'no' she turned around to leave, and left Kakashi baffled 'did she just mistook me for a pervert?' he muttered to himself ' I really should stop hanging so much around Naruto'


Kaname laid down on the soft grass with her hands behind the back of her head, she looked up at the side while shading from the sun at the same time

The sky was blue but now it is of a different hue

The memory that seeps into her memory is like a series of old film discolored slightly into sepia. There was a girl who was) merely fourteen years, lying on his bed. She was resting on her elbow and gave him that smile of innocent youth and gazed back at the camera. She said something to him, enjoying an idling chat, she wore an oversized shirt and no pants, her wild black hair topped to the side as she tilted her head and gave him a smirk. Then she approached toward the screen the sound crackled as she leaned to steal a kiss from his lips.

They would go down the hill, she sat on the backseat of his motorcycle, her hiar flung in the air and raised  her arms out, enjoying  the wind against her face). He looked back his sandy golden bangs flowing in front of his face . She laughed and wrapped her arms around his waist, feeling his built and his warmth seeping through him and, giving him a light kiss on the cheek. On a lazy afternoon they sit under a tree shading them) from the sun, the light that peeped through the leaves  danced to every breeze . He sat down with his back against the tree and she laid crossed to him with her legs over his, she rested comfortably on the soft grass, and tapped her feet   one after the other .She pointed at the sky, and told him  what shape the clouds took, and he responded and came up his own ideas.

She would run down to his street after school was over, and opened the door with her spare key. Sjhe threw her satchel to the corner of the hallway and ran towards the living room where she knew she would find him. She kicked her shoes off and crawled over the sofa were he laid. He startled and groaned, giving her a glare behind the magazine that he read.  He  ran his fingers through her hair as she laid on top of him,  resting with her elbows apart on his chest and waving her legs in the air. They would talk or make out, leaving the television on restlessly. Sometimes she would pretend to go to school with her satchel over her back but she would head to his house just to spend time with him all day long

They would sit on a bench,  and she would lean on him and rest her head on his shoulder while eating her ice cream cone. The smoke of the cigarette seeped through the air as he inhaled a drag and she would take it from his fingers and inhale a breathe  and in exchange, she would would offer him a bite of her icecream cone. People would pass by on their own business, but for them, time was still and lingering, and that was how it should be.

And at night she would sit on the edge of the bed supporting herself with her elbows and watched him as he pealed off her pop socks slowly and ran his hand along her slender leg up to her thigh. She would look up at him and hooking her arms around his neck  as he pushed her down on the bed and she would  wrap her legs around his waist, she was still wearing her school uniform and her untied hair fanned underneath her in a mass of black hair, but her cheeky grin and her schoolgirl look would deceive the youth who had already matured.

The sky seemed like the same as she gazes  out of her window but it took the colour of a harsh blue and all that is left of it now were the memories and the bracket that he wore, and lingers on with the happiness that comes with that nostalgia, that she still holds on to.

Naruto fanfiction- Dango sticks -

Title: Dango Sticks
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Itachi/Hidan
Rating: M - sexually explicit
Genre: Yaoi
Word count: 972
Summery: Hidan wanted to have a little bit of a taste more then just the dango Itachi was holding - One-shot


Droplets of remnants of rain dripped down the ledge, as Itachi walked out of the Inn that he spent that night.  Kisame had left earlier this morning, so he had a little bit of free time before the meeting took place with the members of the Akatsuki, He looked up to the sky, the ether of rain still lingered in the air, but the sun shone more fiercely then prior the shower. He pulled down his straw hat and walked on, mingled through the crowd of busy people, blending and making himself invisible to watchful looks.

He bought a dango stick, he wasn’t the type that he liked sweets but he had a thing for them. He still had plenty of time on his hands but he had really nothing to do, so he decide to head to the meeting place and just wait for the others. He made his way out of the village and found himself in the wilderness of the forest. He took a rocky path and walked to the spot since he wasn’t very far away from there.

'What are you doing here?' a familiar looking man with silver hair sleeked back and bare-chested. He was looking up at him with an annoyed expression on his face.

'I believe we had to meet here...' Itachi replied nonchalantly as he rolled one dango under his tongue and slid it in his mouth. Hidan unconsciously licked his lips when he watched him.

'I'm praying god dammit, you really had to interrupt me' he said shrugging, he was kneeling inside a circle he made with his own blood and his weapon stuck on the ground on one of the interlinings of the circle

'fine' Itachi replied curtly and turned around disinterestedly 'go ahead I'll just wait for Kisame and the..'

He was startled when Hidan stood up and touched his hand which he was holding the dango and pushed it to the side of his own mouth stealing one for his own. Itachi just watched him mildly curious at the sudden behaviour.

'Not as quite as I liked it to be…' he said and then he jerked his arm towards him and locked his lips with Itachi. The sensation of Hidan's tongue running along his lower lip and asking hungrily for entrance, it a pleasant and warm sensation rose  inside of him and made no attempt to break the kiss

He pulled just a second to inhale breathe making a sharp sound from mouth before pressing his lips once again with Hidan’s. He let go off the stick he was holding, freeing his hand so that he could crawl them under the other man's shirt.

Hidan dominantly pressed the Uchiha in between his body and the bushes behind him. His tongue seeping through the cavity of his lover's mouth making slurring sounds. He then broke off and kneeled down in front of him. Itachi looked down on him, his black eyes gleaming with unsatisfying desire that demanded to be met.

Hidan tucked his overcoat and pants, letting out Itachi's half hard and wet member out, he held it in his hand almost as if he was a relic and placed it in his mouth, engulfing it in his mouth as deep as he could, slicking with saliva, making Itachi growl softly and begun sucking on it as if he was eating candy.

He bobbed his head still holding it at the base with one hand, and felt Itachi's member rushing with blood and pulsating on his tongue, at the same time he imagined it to be inside of his ass. He then paused and looked up, the corners of his mouth twisted into his lecherous grin again

'Itachi fuck me' he said, rewarding a somewhat surprising look from the other who was pinned to the bushes, his blood was boiling all over his body with ecstasy of pleasure. 'Come here' he said, his voice cracked a little because of the lusty moans he was making

Hidan stood up pulling down his pants, he lifted his leg up around Itachi's waist, he ran his hand down to touch Itachi's member again, directing it to his entrance, with a groan it slid up in him

'Oh...Itachi..' he growled softly and trusted his hips forward feeling it slither in and own of his body. Itachi shivered at the sensation, his stuck his tongue out and licked his jaw, he balanced himself by holding Hidan with his black polished fingers on his arm, while the other one was on Hidan's ass.

Hidan's movements started becoming more erratic as he approached his orgasm, and Itachi's fingers dug into his skin as he held on to him almost possessively to the point that it was hurting him. Hidan didn't mind though, the vague sensation of pain was mostly overwhelmed by the pleasure he was thriving from Itachi's member.

He shivered uncontrollably when he wad relieved and in turn Itachi made one last hard thrust when he came. When their bodies cooled off, they untangled themselves from each other, Itachi fixed his clothes while Hidan balanced on one foot as to pull his trousers up. Deidara arrived a while later and watched Hidan leaning a little bit  forward whispering something in Itachi's ear while zipping his pants.

Deidara grunted in annoyance, having the vague picture of what was going on even though he didn't know what Hidan was saying. Hidan passed by Deidara with a satisfying grin on his face, and Itachi followed in suit.

'What was he telling you?' Deidara said trying to sound not too nosy, but he couldn't stop from satisfying his curiosity and confirming of what they were about.

‘Nothing’ Itachi said dismissively as he walked on. Deidara stopped in his tracks glaring at him ‘I really hate these guys’ he murmured to himself.